Packard Plant. Detroit.

During downtime on the set for a local indie film, myself and two other adventurers headed out into the unknown. An unknown monstrous abandoned complex on Detroit’s east side. The Packard Plant is now up for sale but who wants to buy rubble for nearly $1 million? I sure as hell don’t! That being said […]

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X Reel.

Finally! After a month or so of sifting through clip after clip, creating motion graphics, and tweaking the hell out of this piece, it’s finished. Surely, I could continue nitpicking it but I just want to get it out into the world and acquire some feedback–hopefully, a good dose of negative and positive. Negative, to […]

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Screenplay Underway!

For months now, I’ve wanted to get going on a vague idea I conjured over a year ago. Considering I’m in the early stages of writing, all I can say about the short film is pertaining to its genre; Dark Crime Dramedy. I’m hoping this short will come to fruition once the screenplay is complete. […]

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