X Reel.

Finally! After a month or so of sifting through clip after clip, creating motion graphics, and tweaking the hell out of this piece, it’s finished. Surely, I could continue nitpicking it but I just want to get it out into the world and acquire some feedback–hopefully, a good dose of negative and positive. Negative, to help improve, and, positive, well… who doesn’t like positive feedback?!

9 thoughts on “X Reel.

  1. – what does X-reel mean?
    – you did shoot the part around 00:17 yourself? it looks in old time.
    – are you in the movie?
    – what is around 00:40? a frog?
    – i like how you deal with 00:53 šŸ™‚
    – i like how you end up the video
    – the snow in the first part looks quite pretty.
    – i dont get the part around 00:35-00:45
    – the music is a bit mechanic and electronic, nice try

    1. X-Reel is short for Experimental Reel. Everything in the video is shot by me, and, nope, I’m not in the video. At :40 is a cow! šŸ˜€

      As for 00:35-:45 I wanted to break up the audio and video with some chaotic cuts. šŸ™‚

  2. oh, nick, i also see you have other videos on that website, you should post them often here since im a fan follwing here… lol
    p.s. the part starting 2:05 in Roadtrip ’12 is quite impressive!

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