Project A2: Pallet Coffee Table Numero Dos

Following such a successful first run at a pallet coffee living room table I figured it’d be a kind gesture to make one for someone else. Which, of course, would have to be someone close to me, right? Right! …My sister and her daughter.

At the dawn of spring I was awarded 12, YES! 12 pallets…most in good condition.


Also, I’ve been acquiring random wood from nearby persons giving it away at no cost. Below, is half of a barn door. I took a circular saw to the midpoint of it so it’d fit in my car. After taking the photo I gave it a good rinse to remove most of the dirt. Then, sanded off a good layer (or two) of the teal paint.


The lower shelving was taken from an awfully light (merely stapled) soft wood pallet. _DSC0230

It’s amazing what a belt sander can do to beat up, rustic wood._DSC0223

Below you will find the beginnings of its guts…sanded with Makita’s amazing finishing sander w/220 grit 3M paper._DSC0235_DSC0222

To make sure I was creating a [close to] 90 degree angle with the table’s legs, I used some quick clamps with a 2×2 and some heavy-duty wood glue, then power drilled tiny holes and impacted 2-inch screws._DSC0229

Needless to say, LOTS of wood filler was used in this project! (because of shitty, soft pallet wood)


Most of the cross planks were miter sawed but the end pieces needed some attention. Thus, I estimated some cuts and went at it! For the most part, they were close.P1010631

Post-base construction calls for PRIMER!P1010651

Now, time for the table top…_DSC0220

And, the planks…P1010654

For the top, plenty of wood glue was use between joints.P1010629

Please forgive me, a seasoned photographer, for–like an idiot–getting my index finger in the realm of the phone lens. The base is complete!20170512_115517

And, the top…more wood glue!P1010657

Finally, she’s prepped, primed, painted, and ready for use!20170515_19501620170515_19500920170515_194946

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