Pallet Shoe Rack

A few weeks ago I created a shoe rack made from pallets. I hadn’t documented this project as I have others but I still want to share with the world the things that I build/make/create/conjure/restore/etc.

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Good Guys in Columbus

After finding someone to cover my shift Saturday (July 8th), I was able to make it south to Columbus, Ohio with my uncle and his brother for one of the largest auto shows in the nation; Good Guys 20th PPG Nationals. I’ve never attended a show of this magnitude! Needless to say, I took plenty […]

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Transit – Security

Transit, A fictitious Electronic project. I was enjoying a laid back sunday, caging myself from the world, itching to create some digital artwork created solely from the mind of me! So, within 4 hours I designed a trifold insert (front and back) and wrote 8 short poems. Purdy cool, hey?

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X Reel.

Finally! After a month or so of sifting through clip after clip, creating motion graphics, and tweaking the hell out of this piece, it’s finished. Surely, I could continue nitpicking it but I just want to get it out into the world and acquire some feedback–hopefully, a good dose of negative and positive. Negative, to […]

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