Good Guys in Columbus

After finding someone to cover my shift Saturday (July 8th), I was able to make it south to Columbus, Ohio with my uncle and his brother for one of the largest auto shows in the nation; Good Guys 20th PPG Nationals. I’ve never attended a show of this magnitude! Needless to say, I took plenty […]

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2014 Grand Prix

…in my hometown! ‘Tis always a fun event–even when the race is stopped for hours on end (like it was in 2013. Or, maybe that was 2012… I don’t exactly recall). Belle Isle, Detroit.

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Rat Rod Time!

Man, this old ’56(?) Studebaker is cool! This ole gal sits  on Michigan Avenue not far from my house in nearby Wayne. I may be able to pick it up for under $1000; possibly even talk the owner down towards $500-600. Surely, she needs LOTS of work but the motor runs! I briefly spoke with […]

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Experimenting with some macro photography, utilizing extension tubes on the 85mm. The floral images were taken recently whereas the automotive images were taken back in February ( or March, I don’t exactly remember 😦 ).

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My new ride. 1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8L 351W. Power everything. Leather. 134,500 miles. She may look decent in this photo but it really needs a thorough detail and a few mechanical repairs… a few months after writing this draft, I finally took it in to my friends detail shop and (by myself) made […]

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Slot Car Mania!

Following the inadequate 3-hour sleep I slightly fell through friday night, I needed work done on the car (trans line leak at the radiator fittting), so I woke up damn early. I headed over my mechanic buddy’s house around half after 8am to fix the issue, which took us less than two hours with a […]

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