Check Me Out!

An alumni of Northern Michigan University School of Art & Design; I studied several forms of digital and physical art, earning a BFA in Digital Cinema. I currently work as a freelance artist passionately specializing in graphic design, photography, video/cinema production, and animation in The Motor City!

Traveling and eating have really formed their way into my heart… I’m not exactly talking about traveling great distances (yet, I love to!) or delving into gluttony. I like to see as much as possible, even within my own community. And, when it comes to food, I’ve developed a love for well taken care of plants and animals. No fast food for me! The American diet is quite disgusting, so, I research culinary artists from all over the globe.

6 thoughts on “Check Me Out!

  1. i am very curious about what you write down: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” why you think so?

    1. I like to use this statement as the perspective of an artist, although it’s been quoted in a political sense. It’s a famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote.

  2. i would say great minds take action; average minds have discussion; even greater minds care about people. but just my idea, lol.

  3. There’s one problem here, though. You don’t exactly need a great mind to take action, nor do you need a great mind to care for another human being. I believe what Eleanor was trying to say was, “Great minds discuss ideas to create a better living for citizens; Average minds discuss events, such as rallies, receptions, debates, etc; Small minds discuss other politicians.”

    Your idea, in my perspective, pertains more to the soul; the heart. And there’s no problem with that! 😉

  4. i guess you have a very true understanding of Eleanor’s thoughts. wow, surprised! good job, pal.

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