Tabelle von Kaffee

For a few years now I’ve been planning on building an awesome coffee bar. Well, that’s not the case here but I have repurposed a neglected dresser into one. For over a year I’d been scouring through numerous Craigslist ads in search of something that would either span the entire length of my nook wall, […]

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Inspired by a Ford Europe Instagram short, I was able to borrow a ’17 Fusion and shoot some pretty cool abstract, macro video with an el cheapo lens extension tube, an ancient and truly sloppy, poor excuse for a tripod, and my good ole Panasonic GH2 (60fps @ 720p) with the ever-beautiful Nikon 50mm 1.8M.

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Pour Over with Plywood

Because I didn’t want to bring my Palm French Press with me to camp for 3 nights, I made some time to create a simple pour over coffee maker. With a jigsaw and some wood glue I quickly constructed this pretty cute and easily mobile maker is perfect for camping! Considering this apparatus worked fairly […]

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Aztecan Geometrical Minimalism

It’s been a long time since I’ve completed a canvas painting. No, I’ve never been good at it but it is relaxing and now I can say that I have a painting of my own hanging in my house. In my room, to be exact–it’s not good enough to showcase in my living room or […]

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Kitchen Set Overhaul!

This may seem like one of my larger projects because of all the small steps and plethora of photos, not to mention the length of time for completion. Alas, no. It’s not as if I’ve remodeled my kitchen (which is likely to undergo in the next few years). Anyway, this extremely low-budget project began with […]

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Pallet Shoe Rack

A few weeks ago I created a shoe rack made from pallets. I hadn’t documented this project as I have others but I still want to share with the world the things that I build/make/create/conjure/restore/etc.

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Good Guys in Columbus

After finding someone to cover my shift Saturday (July 8th), I was able to make it south to Columbus, Ohio with my uncle and his brother for one of the largest auto shows in the nation; Good Guys 20th PPG Nationals. I’ve never attended a show of this magnitude! Needless to say, I took plenty […]

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