Monica’s Turkey

For Christmas, my finacée got a pretty cool cookbook from her mom. Friends: The Official Cookbook! We’ve made a few recipes from the book, mainly dishes from the section Monica’s Friendsgiving Feast. I must say, these are some pretty good recipes! This was my first attempt at roasting a turkey–I did alter the recipe a […]

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I can take the heat

I hadn’t a clue how refreshing it would eventually feel to witness, and perform a lot of the work, updating a kitchen. Nor did I expect it to take as long as it had–from start to complete finish, it took us about 2 months. Given the fact this was my first kitchen makeover, and, that […]

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Below Level Makeover

Ugh…I meant to post this years ago and kept procrastinating. Procrastinating. Procrastinating. Never a good idea. Now, the basement in this house hadn’t been touched since the 50s. The floor hadn’t, anyway. So, during the fall of…let’s say, 2017…my dad and I put in several nights and weekends updating half of the sublevel. Rather than […]

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Bûche de Noël

It’s been a while. Yes, it has. I do mean to return more often with some cool stuff! Next up…kitchen remodel (it’s done, along with some awesome interior projects!). For now, here’s a quickie: For the holidays, we (my girlfriend and I) have been busy making gifts, working around the house, and trying all sorts […]

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Not the bad guys.

For 3 consecutive years I’ve attended the best thing ever known to Columbus, Ohio…Good Guys car show! As a semi-amateur woodworker, I take notice to craftsmanship and creativity. Also, interesting woods (like the burlwood used on this gorgeous door panel). Anywhere I go, anywhere there are Fords, I wish to be. Interiors as classy as […]

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Tabelle von Kaffee

For a few years now I’ve been planning on building an awesome coffee bar. Well, that’s not the case here but I have repurposed a neglected dresser into one. For over a year I’d been scouring through numerous Craigslist ads in search of something that would either span the entire length of my nook wall, […]

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Inspired by a Ford Europe Instagram short, I was able to borrow a ’17 Fusion and shoot some pretty cool abstract, macro video with an el cheapo lens extension tube, an ancient and truly sloppy, poor excuse for a tripod, and my good ole Panasonic GH2 (60fps @ 720p) with the ever-beautiful Nikon 50mm 1.8M.

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Pour Over with Plywood

Because I didn’t want to bring my Palm French Press with me to camp for 3 nights, I made some time to create a simple pour over coffee maker. With a jigsaw and some wood glue I quickly constructed this pretty cute and easily mobile maker is perfect for camping! Considering this apparatus worked fairly […]

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