Packard Plant. Detroit.

During downtime on the set for a local indie film, myself and two other adventurers headed out into the unknown. An unknown monstrous abandoned complex on Detroit’s east side. The Packard Plant is now up for sale but who wants to buy rubble for nearly $1 million? I sure as hell don’t! That being said this is a phenomenal place to shoot a film!_DSC0489 _DSC0490 _DSC0491 _DSC0495 _DSC0499 _DSC0500 _DSC0507 _DSC0509 _DSC0513 _DSC0515 _DSC0517 _DSC0518 _DSC0522 _DSC0523 _DSC0524 _DSC0529 _DSC0535 _DSC0547 _DSC0550 _DSC0554 _DSC0562 _DSC0566 _DSC0571 _DSC0577 _DSC0583


11 thoughts on “Packard Plant. Detroit.

  1. Maybe China will make a cash infusion and turn the city into a mega Hello Kitty and Virginia Ham distribution hub. This is such a disheartening scene. A shame and a testament to the level of apathy in our society.

    1. Apathy is a killer!

      Hey, if China can help in the rebuilding process I have no quarrels with that. Just move to the city …not the ‘burbs!

  2. i like the 3rd and 6th shot.
    i read the news briefly the other week that D is bankrupted now.
    what is going on there Nick?
    and how do you feel as a local person living in D?

    1. Yep, Detroit is bankrupt!

      It doesn’t bother me all that much considering this was inevitable. Too long has the city been run by poor officiating and corrupt government.

      Word is, Chicago is the next to fall in suit, which, apparently, isn’t far behind. Many large cities in the US are falling victim to choices that will ultimately lead to devastation. Some peoples heads are so bloated with confidence and ignorance that what appeals to most humans, for the sake of a thriving and sharing community, is nothing that matters to them.

      The higher you climb the farther you fall!

  3. i thought america is a rich country!! if you look to another perspective, i recently just found out that there are not so much production in US. you dont have that many factories. instead, your companies are more like service provider but not product provider 🙂 how do you think?

    1. China pretty much OWNS the U.S. Our gov’t loves to rack up debt despite its citizens outrage and failing economy. Seemingly, most are far too worried about profit than structure. Youtube “Newsroom Jeff Daniels” and watch his rant about how America is no longer the greatest country in the world. It’s pretty eye opening to those ignorant about this society.

    1. The U.S. owes China over a trillion dollars from debt. But the government officials will never tap their own pockets to help relieve what they’ve created.

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