Project A1: Pallet Coffee Table

Back in September I was fishing through Pinterest (of course!) and noticed a friend of mine was saving pins revolving around building coffee tables. Due to the curious nature of my peculiar existence I began to scour pages and pages of DIY pallet coffee tables. I figured since my dad has all the necessary tools, and more, and, the simple fact I was sick of staring at my hideous early-90s laminated, particle board, factory-designed and built bore of a table, that I can and will build myself something nice!


Being so anxious, let alone, impatient, I began working on the table without journaling all that I did. Therefore, I don’t have many photos to explain the process. This I’m working on and getting fairly better at. My problem is that I get so wrapped up in the creation of something I think little of how the blog will ultimately be formed. Forgive me!

Once the weather dipped, in November, I had to bring the table indoors…to the basement for the finish. Lots of wood filler was used. And, eventually, lots of stain was used!


The base was anchored at every corner and fastened via angled screws hidden on the underside of each supporting 2×4.


Once all was stained I mounted the table top to its stand using more L-brackets. Overall, I think I spent $50 on materials (pallet wood was free, thanks to my brother).


She’s quite beastly! A heavy-duty table to a living room in need of some serious updating! (Yes, my sofa is disgusting but one must live under conditions formulated)


I had run into a few problems–this being my very first solid woodworking project. I hadn’t noticed these stain bubbles until I set it up in my living room. I’m guessing while dabbing the brush in the polycrylic container, a few heavy drops discretely fell. Damnit!


All in all, I’m quite happy with the outcome. I’ve received plenty of praise from friends and family. It was a blast to build so I’ll be continuing this hobby for quite some time. That is, until I get a hot rod to build!


I’m working on more pieces throughout the spring, summer, and fall that’ll document a deeper understanding. I should start an Etsy account!

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