A belated gift for the woman whom birthed me.

Mother’s Day was one busy time for me; 9 hours at work throughout the afternoon and evening, then headed out to continue working hard on the ice–playing hockey. Therefore, I had missed the American holiday with my mom and had to make it up to her the following day…Monday. Up until that time, for weeks I had been working on a coffee table for my sister (expect a detailed blog about it soon) and this cute little wine bottle coaster for my mom! Other gifts were involved but this one I made with my own two hands. Which, I believe, means more than anything store bought!


My parents had traveled to Italy a couple months prior to ’16 Christmas. They’d taken plenty of photos along their road trip throughout the country and sent a few, via text, during their stay. Weeks after, I sneakily sifted through all the photos on their computer, saved a few, photoshopped them, and had them printed on canvas for a holiday gift. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the canvased photos till months after Christmas. Yet, fortunately, I was awarded a full refund, AND, roughly 20 wood shims with angled cuts were loosely shoved into each canvas (for support, I assume). So, I removed them and set them aside for the day to make coasters with them.

Well, that day came…the idea returned, rather, weeks before Mother’s Day. Ultimately, I sized and cut a thin sheet of plywood with a miter saw, glued (Titebond) the shims to to the plywood, coated them with almond oil (for a nice deep, rich tone), painted some trim white, and carefully, as well as liberally, applied more wood glue for a tight–and hopefully, long-lasting bond.

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