A fresh old board.

Near the end of the summer I took on some woodworking projects. I began with a pallet coffee table (which is still in the works). Soon enough, I’ll be posting a blog pertaining to that piece and the complications and the joys of making furniture.

For now, I’ll briefly describe what took place as I transformed an old, ugly, beat up cutting board. I found this amazing piece at a real estate sale nearby and bargained for a mere $1. After sitting in my house for two months I finally took the initiative and revealed what a beauty she truly is!

First, after anchoring the board with a couple quick clamps, I brutally took a belt sander to both sides, shaving off a good 1/16″ to cut through all the old knife marks. This was followed up with a thorough finishing sanding with 200 grit paper to create an incredibly smooth surface. Then, I hand sanded a few spots (crevices and tight corners). After leaving the board lonely for a few hours in my basement–due to much needed errands run–I applied a couple coats of almond oil to intensify the rich tones of its naturalness and to give it some lasting effect.

I used the board once since refinishing it and loved every chop, slice, and second. She’s a beauty that will keep its place in my kitchen for many years to come!

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