Everything is bigger in Texas


Yes, it’s been quite some time since my last post. Yes, I’ve been incredibly busy with two+ jobs, in case you’re wondering. And, yes, I’m still alive! …which is now obvious.

Okay. So, this year has been flying. FLYING! Oh, so quickly. That, I’m not fond of…time moving so rapidly. Father, would you please slow? Just a little? …or a lot?!


In need of a major break, I took a week off my 2+ jobs and flew down to Houston to visit a good friend of mine. Together, we painted the town a blueish-orange with semi-gloss yellow highlights and splats of off-white, which was removed by authorities with paint thinner. In between the three days of time gloriously spent in the sprawling metropolis of sunny Houston, we drove six hours south to what I consider the Murtle Beach for Mexicans; South Padre Island.

We drank. We frolicked and explored. We ate…a lot! A lot of damn fine food if you ask me (I whipped up a killer meal for his birthday; seared Mahi Mahi, almond-encrusted Salmon, Lemon and herb-baked Red Snapper; side dishes, such as garbanzo, avocado, and feta salad with a cilantro-ginger viniagrette, stuffed cucumber cups, and, grilled peppers and asparagus. Not to mention, homemade Margharitas and Pina Coladas! $100 well spent!).

I did, however, endure the absolute worst Italian dish of my life at a place I wish not to tarnish…but those folks need to learn a thing or two about serving up some pasta. I mean, I could’ve made something tastier with the everbland Hunts’ meat sauce and a pound of dollar boxed noodles. Anyway…

‘Twas a great time and I’d recommend that island to anyone whom asked. Check the photos and get your asses out to The Gulf!

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