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Over the course of two nights and three days my girlfriend and I, along with her adorably fun loving daughter, took a trip to Cincy for labor day weekend.

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This was the very first time I stepped foot in the Ohio metropolis. Quite a great one, I must say!

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My lady is quite the foodie so, obviously, we ate a lot of fine foods and I was shown several places throughout the town. Cincinnati, in my opinion, is a cross between SoCal and SE Michigan–the rolling hills and aged urbanity.

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We ate macarons. We ate fine Italian cuisine. We enjoyed delectable gelato. We drank a few glasses of some decent vino and split a sixer of craft brews.

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Two nights in a Hilton? Yes, please! The baby was quite fond of the spacious, and luxurious, studio suite…which, to our luck, was upgraded at no extra cost!


Steph often raves about Jungle Jim’s (Ohio’s largest international market). Whenever she had mentioned the place I always thought to myself, “We have Nino Salvaggio!” Uh-uh. This place is enormous! If the CEO ever stumbles across this blog, listen…PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! open a store in SE Michigan! I’m always curious of foods round the globe and I’d never seen so many choices in my entire life!

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Not to mention the kick ass entrances to the restrooms! 😛

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Before we skipped town, headed back for the good ole Mitten, my lovely lady showed me her favorite view of the skyline. Thus, we drove across the border to Kentucky, stopped and filled up, and returned north.

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My first experience in the city was quite the memorable one. I wish to return anon!

4 thoughts on “Cincy!

  1. It’s rare that you wrote such an article and I love it! Feel your delightful emotions 😉 and yes, enjoying the food with the loved ones is one of the best things, although I never understand macaron.. Wow! Hilton! Never been there!

    1. Thanks, Fiona! Macarons are freakin’ delicious…yet, according my pastry chef girlfriend, these particular macarons are far from great.

      I haven’t traveled much lately so it sure is rare for me to post something of the sort. Let’s hope this changes.

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