I wish you’d listen if I told you

if I could just convey openly

never should I have tried to make you mine so early on

to move with my heart, ignorant of the obvious

to only befriend, instead

to suppress the unbound desire like a bulletproof windshield

leaving just the side windows slightly open for the taste of a soft breeze

yet, how could I? Your beauty can destroy all!

That moment you sat down directly across from me

that moment your smile pierced the shields of Gods,

dropping them to their knees like wounded horses in a doomed battle

that moment your eyes grounded my spirit

and your black hair, like feathers of a crow, carried my star through the empty abyss.

For once I believed she finally arrived

a raspberry vine flourishing in exhausted sand

malnourished and dehydrated for eons

you were there

and here I was

so confident, so confused

so inexperienced and insecure but I paid no mind.

I remember laying eyes on you for the first time

or, possibly, the second

was it when you held the door for me? Always so polite

or, more memorably,

when you walked on by looking straight ahead? A bratty disposition upon your face.

Honestly, I thought of you as kind of a poser

young and snobby

selfish and crude.

Never had I thought to myself,

“That is the woman I will fall for”

but fall, I did

and I’m sure you noticed.

I deserted those cloudless days,

those natural smiles and honest laughs

and once I did it took every ounce of courage

to look you in the eyes, to approach you as if nothing had changed

yet we both knew something had

and my vulnerability, within days,

leveled my appeal; from skyscraper to ruin

much like the city I adore.

Maybe this is why the urge to leave is so powerful,

I hate to mirror ruin.

The chase has ended

I am not giving up nor am I letting go,

only moving on–as the universe intends

may I appear in your dreams as a kind reminder

of moments in strength and wholeheartedness

when my eyes had seen nothing and no one but you

…as if they still do.

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