There are few things I enjoy more than creating music videos. Back in mid-December, I shot one for an old high school friend–with the magic of facebook we contacted each other a year or so ago. I offered my photo and video services to help boost my portfolio. Little came of it until this past December, where I was able to shoot a full video, even though no story is involved and it was all shot in one location.

Hate Unbound–although, you wouldn’t know from the name–is a great group of kind, friendly guys (as most true Metal fans are). It only took us about 3 hours to shoot. We shared some beers, some laughs, and some wild jokes. Love those guys!

A friend and I manned two cameras (one panasonic–main cam, one canon) while my good ole Nikon was mounted on a tripod. I felt one more angle could be beneficial, and, at times, it was. We shot each band member once the entire song through (the drummer twice). In my timeline (during the editing process), I ended up with 19 video layers to manage. It was quite intimidating once I began chopping up the clips but the more I worked the easier it got.

A few complications were ran into and due to time constraints we weren’t able to make time to reshoot. So, I hope to shoot another video for them and encounter fewer (or, zero) complications. All in all, a hell of a time!

I plan to shoot A LOT more music videos so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “METULZ!

    1. Listen closely. You’ll eventually understand the lyrics. 😉

      Some Metal is like a fine wine, it takes getting used to. If that makes sense? 😛

      1. i refuse to get it in the end… i like more gentle music… 😀

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