Seattle: Part 2

I promised more of Mount Rainier and here it is!_DSC0232 copy _DSC0240 copy _DSC0260 copy _DSC0264 copy _DSC0277 copy _DSC0278 copy

Being a large supporter of wolves and wildlife, I thought this was a great plate!
_DSC0282 copy _DSC0283 copy _DSC0302 copy

Aaaand back to the city we went! A few friends and I stopped at The Crab Pot for an enormous bowl of seafood–mainly shrimp, crab legs, mussels, and clams. Oh, and beer! A vacation isn’t complete without craft beer!_DSC0308 copy

View from the dining deck._DSC0313 copy _DSC0314 copy

This is the remains (why didn’t I snap a photo before we ate you ask? I was too eager to eat, I guess. And eat I most definitely did …a lot! This sort of gives you an idea of how much was on our plate)._DSC0315 copy

Afterwards, we stopped at Mike’s apartment for a quick beer then back on the town for a bit. Here’s the view from his place…_DSC0318 copy

The following day. First priority–find quality coffee! Something I hadn’t yet done in the city known for it’s cafΓ©. We arrived minutes after Lighthouse Roasters closed but the owner was so generous he gave me a free cup of the French roast which was all they had left on tap. My guess is that it was going down the drain, anyway. Still, I was more than pleased!
_DSC0321 copy

Before meeting up with some peeps we hung out at the beach for a bit and watched the sunset._DSC0323 copy

Later that night things got a little wild …and hazy. The drinks started pouring early at my favorite Seatlle establishment cleverly titled The Angry Beaver. Needless to say, from all the hockey paraphernalia and the fact that the beaver is Canada’s national animal/mascot, this was a Canadian bar. I loved it!Β _DSC0329 copy

So we started walking around Fremont. I think we stopped at 5 bars that night…_DSC0364 copy

I left my debit card at the second bar we stopped at–2 Bit Saloon–where we watched a solid Metal band play and sipped on what I thought was skunk amber ale. I just shrugged it off and took one for the team! πŸ˜›_DSC0367 copy

So, after picking up my card, the next day, from the 2 Bit we had dinner at one of the highest ranked Japanese restaurants in the nation! If there is a heaven, this is where the oysters come from! Good lord, that shit was awesome!_DSC0369 copy _DSC0370 copy _DSC0371 copy _DSC0372 copy

Not a bad price for the best dinner of my life!_DSC0373 copy

Thank you, Shiro’s!_DSC0376 copy

As we left Shiro’s this dude was just hangin’ out across the street–wish I lived there! I aimed my camera at him, he waved, and yelled something that resembled “hello!”. Maybe he was cursing at me in Chamorro…_DSC0377 copy

Stay tuned for the 3rd, and possibly final, installation of photos from the Seattle trip.

6 thoughts on “Seattle: Part 2

  1. the mountain looks fantastic! i love the 4th shot very much πŸ™‚
    btw, why do you support wolf Nick?
    5 bars a night… you remind me of the movie The World’s End, lol
    p.s. the way how you understand the guy waved at you was… interesting πŸ˜€
    i continue to stay tuned πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve always been fond of the wolf. It plays an important role in the vitalization of an ecosystem, especially in the northern US.

  2. any more specific reasons? e.g. other animal like whale, tiger… also plays an important role in vitalization of an eco system….

  3. Wolf hunts have opened here in the states for some inane reason. People fear wolves because of fallacies. To me, wolves and humans are very much alike (in fact, the wolf is more than loyal than a human). Plus, I simply think they are the most beautiful creature on the planet (well, next to women)! πŸ˜›

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