Seattle: Part 1

The first day in Washington was spent living with dogs …in the rain and mud! It was worth it, though. I made some new friends!
_DSC0103 copy _DSC0106 copy _DSC0114 copy

In the northern ‘burbs, Christina took me to a now closed classic auto store named The Detroit Autoworks. Is this some sort of metaphor? A joke against The Motor City? Nah. Just coincidence…

_DSC0127 copy _DSC0133 copy

My lust for craft beer follows wherever I go. Thus, I swam in Washington brews!

_DSC0156 copy

On our way to Mount Rainier (continued in Seattle: Part 2)

_DSC0157 copy _DSC0159 copy _DSC0164 copy

Pike Place Market is probably the greatest market in the nation! At least, that I’ve heard or seen.

_DSC0178 copy _DSC0181 copy _DSC0198 copy_DSC0191 copy _DSC0206 copy _DSC0211 copy

Hung out on Alki Trail as the sun descended.

_DSC0216 copy _DSC0221 copy

_DSC0226 copy

More of Mount Rainier.

_DSC0230 copy _DSC0232 copy

And, more to come…

5 thoughts on “Seattle: Part 1

  1. very satisfied with this post 🙂
    your first day experience sounds… mysterious. how come? curious!
    that giant guy.. (made by rock?) looks amazing! local art?? (seems to be under a bridge)
    the overview under giant guy is great!
    what are the great parts of that market you like a lot?
    p.s. is that a wall full of chewing gum?
    that sunset view is very beautiful!
    stay tuned for your part 2…

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, the Troll Under the Bridge is really cool! He’s made of concrete, btw.
      The market has such a variety of amazing seafood and beyond. I tried some ghost pepper jelly! Super hot!
      That IS a wall of chewing gum! Kinda gross, hey?

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