Hangin’ Out With Von Wong!

Benjamin Wong. Easily the most talented photographer I’ve ever met and/or worked with!

I was invited to assist on a 3-day photo shoot/short film just outside of Montreal in the quaint Saint Mathieu Du Parc. A truly surreal experience! A friend told me, “Beware… French-Canadians don’t like Americans.” I haven’t met all French-Canadians but those I did meet were freakin’ cool! Definitely a fun and friendly bunch.

I was picked up at my place in Metro Detroit and embarked upon a 12 hour journey through Ontario into Quebec. I’ve always loved going to Canada—I’d drive to The Soo (Ontario) with my parents as a kid to visit relatives—but this was to be the furthest I’ve traveled east north of the border. Once you reach eastern Ontario just about everything is in French. This is tough on someone who doesn’t speak the language, but it’s always great to experience different cultures with an open mind.

Roughly 25 of us stayed in a 3-story rustic cabin. I loved it!

Wong let me borrow his super wide angle lens. What an awesome dude, right?! First time meeting the guy and he’s kind enough to lend me his own equipment. Of course, I respected the lens, guarding it with my life!

Zombies dancing and singing.

Night shoot!

I have to get me one of these…

For one who’s passionate about photography and, even more so, filmmaking, this experience has not only inspired me greatly but has created some career opportunities. Thanks, Von Wong! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hangin’ Out With Von Wong!

  1. sounds brilliant experience, with suprise and fun! and… “I respected the lens, guarding it with my life!” – you are cute, N!

    1. 😀 Thanks, Fiona. I try. 😉

      It really was a brilliant experience! Wish I could do those things more often.

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