Viva U.P.

For the new year, I took a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to visit some close friends. I always enjoy my time in da Yoop! There’s nothing like the open road, surrounded by wilderness, large (and, I do mean LARGE) bodies of freshwater along with several smaller inland streams, rivers, and lakes. Not to mention clean air! I went to school in the U.P. and never was able to let go of the land. It’s a magical place! A magical place where I shall live again.

The trip began with an 8 hour drive for a night in Marquette.


The above photo was taken at dusk, believe it or not. 18mm f/4.5 @ 1/8 second.

ImageImageImageImageBaraga, about 70 miles west of Marquette, is a small town (reservation) along the Lake Superior coast. I wish more Natives occupied Michigan (and the rest of the U.S.)!


Then it was off to Calumet where I stayed with some friends through the new year. My good friend Jason recently became a fireman so he took me around the town to the firehouse and to see remnants of the most recent major fire…


He gave me a quick tour around the firehouse. Gotta love the old brick, wood, and stone facade! As you may be able to make out, this building is now 100 years old!


It was so bloody cold this day, as the blistering cold wind rushed our already numb faces, we could only trek halfway to the lighthouse before realizing that turning back was the only smart move. Even with gloves on, my hands were nearly frozen by the time we made it to the car. Ah, the Great White North. Gotta love it!


Below is a photo of L’anse from across the way in Baraga. I took this shot on my way back to Marquette.


And so, back in Marquette I landed.


The following day, I headed home. On the way, along US-2, I noticed how incredible Lake Michigan looked so I felt compelled to pull over and snap a panoramic!


2 thoughts on “Viva U.P.

  1. i like the 2nd and 5th pic best. and always love lake, feeling comfortable and calm by walking along it 🙂

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