The Trails of Bald Mountain.

Mountain is an exaggeration. More like hills. Foot hills. Michigan does have some mountains but nothing within a 100 mile radius of Detroit. Something like that, anyway.

My good friend, Jim, and I trekked over 4 miles through light forests on groomed trails around small lakes and steep hills. Needless to say, it was a pretty easy hike. Fun, nonetheless! The park offers a winding 10 miles of trails circling 10 beautiful little lakes, with some of the land open to hunting—we passed a few hunters on the trails during the last day of the hunting season.

We even ran into a lazy friend on the trail…

Even his dead relative. 😦

Of course, we needed refreshments!

2 thoughts on “The Trails of Bald Mountain.

  1. what have they hunted? and nick, the light in your set of photos, makes the winter look bright and warm 🙂

    1. Mostly small game (rabbits, squirrels, birds) but also Deer.

      I believe the photos were taken in mid-December so it wasn’t exactly winter just yet, but thanks! I’m glad you enjoy!

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