Solo Thumb Trip.

I don’t have many friends that like to camp. I don’t have many friends at all, but that’s quite alright. Anywho…

A work week was fast approaching with the last 2 days off. I was trying to figure out what to do. I looked for concerts coming up, fairs, car shows, city gatherings. Nothing seemed quite as relaxing as camping. A friend of mine mentioned a day trip he took to the thumb, alone. I was in need of some alone time, anyway, and no one I knew had the days off or could afford to tag along. I questioned whether I should venture on alone or not. The answer? Screw it, I’m going!

I took off thursday after work around 2pm, heading to Port Austin for a night.

These goggles were left near a beach house. I was intrigued by their random placement.

After about 15 minutes soaking in the sun seagulls engulfed the beach. I didn’t stick around for too long. It was like the movie Birds …almost.

That friday, I left Crescent State Park campgrounds around noon and drove along the coast down to Lakeport State Park. During the 3-hour trip (I took back roads and detours) I saw a lot of Michigan’s thumb area, including the only Petroglyph Site in Michigan, Grindstone City, Huron City Museum, sat on the soft beach in Port Sanilac, then drove south thru Lexington—just 15 minutes north of where I set up camp.

Friday I began to feel as if this solo trip was starting to get a little too lonely. So, instead of camping out another night on my own with no one to talk to I packed up and headed on back to the stupid suburbs. First, I stopped in Lexington for one hell of an ice cream cone. Rocky Road in a delicious sugar cone! As I sat out on the rear patio, in the sun, watching the boats pull in and out of the harbor, I started chatting up a friendly younger dude who happened to be working at the canoe rental shop right on the harbor dock. We talked cameras, girls, work, and life. He’s probably the coolest person I met on the trip.

So on the way home, I passed a Buffalo Farm just outside the town of Peck. I had no clue Michigan had any Buffalo farms. Hell, I would never even had guessed that Buffalo had ever stepped foot in this part of the country. Further along the road I noticed an old vacant home (probably built in the late-1800s). I was captivated by its freakiness. So, I snapped a few. A few other mentionable cool towns I drove through were Richmond, Imlay City, Almont, and Romeo. I love small towns!

Of course, I had to make a short video. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Solo Thumb Trip.

  1. i love the words of this post a lot, nick. you start to be a writer, lool.
    wish i were there, then you can always find a company travelling 😀
    buffalo is cool. i have never seen them in my own eyes.
    i love small towns too! more nature! i think we would be perfect to hook up with small towns together? dont you agree Nick? lool


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