Road Trip 2012.

A buddy and myself took a trip around Michigan’s NW coast about two months ago. It was one of those experiences you can’t forget, and don’t want to forget. Michigan is by far my favorite state in the nation. We have it all here! Automobiles, plenty of music, art, freshwater, forests, city life, sports, beer, wine, booze (the hard stuff), farms, beaches, lakes (62,000–way more than Minnesota!) … the list could go on for days.

Being that my good friend, Len, and I are passionate about photography (which is why I asked him to join me), we snapped a ton of photos and had a great time doing it.

Day 1: Torch Lake. Pulled into town. Relaxed. Walked around and snapped a few. Relaxed to some beers and a fire. Slept.

Day 2: Traverse City/Cedar/Suttons Bay/Leelanau Peninsula. After waking up and dipping in Torch Lake we headed to Traverse City for a distillery tour, a beer, and some sightseeing. Afterwards we stopped in a cool little town to pick up some Cherry brats (mmm!). Before stopping in Leelanau State Park for the night we took a tour of L. Mawby winery in Sutton’s Bay. That was magical!

Day 3: Leland/Glen Arbor/Sleeping Bear Dunes. The first town we hit on our way to Sleeping Bear Dunes was Leland—a quaint little fishtown on Lake Michigan’s northern coast. Leland boasts history with modern elements which tend to be very picturesque. Further along the way we stopped in Glen Arbor, the capital of Cherry Republic. Love cherries? It’s the place to be! Finally, we arrived in Empire, the home of Sleeping Bear Dunes. After setting up camp, we took a 10-mile journey on foot around the coastline hoping to find the heart of the dunes …we never found it, so we turned back.

Day 4: Sleeping Bear Dunes/Ludington/Silver Lake Dunes. Woke up. Hit the dunes once again! Headed out toward Ludington. Stopped for a beer and some nachos. Headed out toward Silver Lake. Upon arrival we drove up to the lighthouse on the shore and hung out until the wind picked up. Then it was back to the campsite for fire dogs and beer! …and sleep.

Day 5: Silver Lake Dunes/Grand Rapids/Home. Here it was. The last day of our incredible trip around Michigan. After hoping it would last longer, yet, at the same time spending some good money, we felt it was best to head home. We began the day with some breakfast at a small local joint where I met one of the cutest Latino girls. I think she liked me! 😀

To work off the early morning heavy load we shot up to the public Dunes entrance and hiked about 3 miles. There’s nothing more spiritual than being able to sit atop a hill/dune/beach, listen to the earth, soak up the sun, and let every possible negative thought escape our intense cerebral cortex. Sheer euphoria, I tell ya!

Then, it was off to Grand Rapids, the home of Meijer, Amway, Founder’s Brewery, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meyer House. Of the aforementioned, Founders and the Meyer House was on our minds. And so, a tasty brew and an architectural marvel ended our trip.

The Video! Even though the trip was supposed to be a photographic journey (for images to print and sell/showcase), I couldn’t help but let my video graphic nature take over a few times. So, I quickly wrapped up some imagery to show to the world!

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10 thoughts on “Road Trip 2012.

  1. if you are uploading this big photos again… i ll kick your ass NIck(!) 😀
    Day1 – the reflection of the children is perfect! p.s. the houses look great
    Day2 – what are you saying to the God?
    Day3 – nice house on the water. p.s. whos that guy? and i like the part you “never found it”… lol
    Day4 – the color of the water is fantastic! green blue!!
    Day5 – the wood in the middle of dezert is very interesting!
    as to the video, around 0:38 is interesting 🙂 like around 2:10 too. in general, this film contains a lot of information. and video can always reflect about the reality better than photo, i think so.
    thanks for a great post! next time.. split it! lol

    1. Day 2 – I’m summoning the Lake Gods. They never answered my call.
      Day 3 – That guy is Len. 😉

      Thanks for all the positive feedback, Fiona!

  2. how do you know if they have answered your call? 😉
    hah, it’s Len… you two can always shoot each other’s different sides.. great to know!

      1. damn it, where is the “love” button, i wanna press a hundred times!

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