Zee Garden …or Lack Thereof.

Ever since moving in with my brother in Dearborn, I’ve been working on some exciting new projects, along with building on ideas. Granted, he is the primary owner and has the final word on everything that goes on inside and out, but my aspirations remain.

Anyways, the idea of fresh veggies is always pleasing to just about every human. Thus, the garden began. I planted several seeds but, unfortunately, only one plant (which was transplanted) has survived and matured. That plant would be the Cherry 100 that was given to me by a friend’s mom. She informed me how large it’d become once matured. It has grown, and continues to do so, far more than I could’ve imagined.

Here are a few before/after images.

Fully Matured.
The Goods!

2 thoughts on “Zee Garden …or Lack Thereof.

  1. this is the first time Nick, so one surviving is already great(!) not even to mention how much potential of improvement next time could be 🙂
    and.. i feel your plants are fresh and happy.
    great thanks for sharing. if i will have a garden, i will try to plant sth too 🙂

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