Del Ray on a Sunday.

July 1st, 2012. Detroit, Michigan. Del Ray neighborhood.

Wow! It took me over a month to complete this edit, sheesh! Granted, I have been quite busy with work and living between two homes so it’s not like I’ve been lazy. Or so, I like to think I haven’t been lazy. 😀


Del Ray, which was the industrial mecca in its day, is probably Detroit’s most roughed up area. Plenty of vacant and burnt homes, empty dilapidating buildings, trash everywhere, and not a whole lot of people. I’m saddened with what some neighborhoods of my beautiful Detroit have become—I’m also angered at the lack of passion and motivation in humans, those failing to maintain their surroundings—but I’ve always been intrigued by neglected structures. There’s such history, and with the more ornate structures, there’s a ton of beauty lying within those tired walls.

I pray for one day I will be blessed with the fortune of seeing a better Detroit! It will need to begin with the community…

12 thoughts on “Del Ray on a Sunday.

  1. i feel you do really see Detroit as your home.
    the music later sounds a bit Japanese style to me. why do you choose this kinda music Nick?
    honestly, i feel the background music at least to me is a bit loud so that i couldnt hear clearly what you/your friend is saying.
    by the way, i love your new hairstyle, looks coooooool! lol

    1. Thanks! I’m in the process of growing my hair out again. It takes a while. :/

      I had trouble finding music that would work well so I went with an oriental style. To me, the music screamed “earthly”. So, I felt that this would form well with an area devoid of much human activity.

      1. this music sounds a bit wierd to your content of video.

        another question, you dont like people ignore/discard sth which can still be used or maintianed. then how do you deal with it Nick?

      2. You might understand the choosing of music if you were with us. 😉

        Well, unfortunately, most of these buildings are too far gone and would take far too much work to restore. It’d be better if they were tore down, but that takes money. Money Detroit doesn’t have due to the poor city officiating, not to mention recovering from such corruption. It’s a tragedy the disrespect, disloyalty, and greed within some human beings. 😦

  2. I think it’s oddly appropriate that you used wistful music to accentuate the desolate scenes you captured of this abandoned landscape. What you filmed here reminds me of some places in Thailand still devastated from the 2004 tsunami. There’s no money, infrastructure, or motivation to clean up heaps of garbage there either. What a shame that a country so rich as ours has places like this, damaged and deserted after a tsunami of greed.

    1. I agree. What’s even worse is that a few miles away lies downtown, where Detroit looks as if it could be part of Manhattan. Apparently, DC is like this as well.

    1. I can always help out. If not assist in remodeling/reconstruction, I can always lend a helping hand to decent people in need.

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