Port Sanilac. The Fourth.

It was Fourth of July weekend, 2012. I awoke the Saturday of to witness the tiny, quaint town of Port Sanilac, Michigan come to life! More than twice the population poured into the harbor—via boat and car while the locals, and visitors, arrived on foot—to soak in the awesome festivities. Upon the descending sun’s illustrations highlighting the sky, attendees relaxed to some cheery folk music, delectable ice cream, sticky cotton candy, and, once the evening settled to a warm black, impressive fireworks!

A close friend of the family, Susan Gill, is the mastermind behind the Music at the Harbor project, among other reputable organizations in town. Every time I visit the gorgeous little town, I sit down and chat with Mr. and Mrs. Gill, at their lovely cottage, discussing current lifestyles, to which, I’m often inspired by their recommendations. As we discussed my multimedia production experience, they brought up video and asked if I’d shoot some footage of the live concert coming up. Without a blink I politely, and willingly, sprang at the idea.

And so the video was born!


Aside from partying, frolicking, sunbathing, partying, filming, traveling, partying, and sightseeing …and partying, I snapped a bunch of photos around town. Enjoy!

Happy Fourth!
The waves love to make out with the boardwalk.
Beautiful day at the harbor!
A seagull teases the water.
Weathered handrails.
Fireworks racks/tubes.
Getting ready for fireworks!
Snapped a few quick ones of this bad ass Ford!

On the Saturday before the concert/fireworks, my close buddy, Darren, and I drove a few miles down the road to a really cool little winery, aptly named Blue Water Winery. They make one killer Cabernet Blend. The owners bought the land off of Darren’s family after his grandpa passed away. Great use of the farmland if you ask me! πŸ˜‰

Vino de Mitten!
Vino bianco de Mitten!
Boat show.
The cottage at night.

6 thoughts on “Port Sanilac. The Fourth.

  1. your words on the 2nd photo was so sweet nick πŸ˜‰
    the slogan on the wine website is funny, think globally drink locally.
    oh please post more videos.. i almost forgot how wonderful videos you can make πŸ™‚
    i like how you deal with the sound. it seems you set background music yourself, but you also keep orginal sound of the scene. that’s very natural and i love it.
    wish you have enjoyed so much of your “partying” lol.

    1. I have a couple more videos in the making; 1 of Del Ray, Detroit; 1 of Len and me tripping NW Michigan. Both of ’em should be completed soon.

      Partying was great, of course. We just didn’t let ourselves get too crazy! πŸ˜‰

  2. Nick – What an awesome video. I am forwarding it to everyone! I am just one of many to have been involved in Music at the Harbor over the years. It is a real community event! Come again, Susan and Gaylord Gill

  3. Hi, NIck! You did a great job capturing the festive spirit of the day. Just what we all needed: beautiful weather, great music, and lots of relaxed, happy people to enjoy it with. Fun shots of our bass player, Tex Ragsdale. Now we’re teasing him that we should change the name of the band to “Tex and the Ragsdales.” Ha! Thanks for using my song, “New Horizon” in your opening segment. Very cool how you synched the video shots to the beat. Nicely done.

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