Rainbow Over Ford Country.

A late post is never a bad thing, just not so time-friendly.

About 2-3 months ago, possibly dating even further back, I headed up to the shopping plaza in nearby Allen Park for a few items. I can’t remember much other than buying some groceries and witnessing the most vivid double rainbow. I’ve seen in years, possibly even in my entire life. Mind you, this beautiful effect of nature appeared to stem from a Ford Motor plant across the street. Hence, the title…

Oh, when will a photo ever do justice?

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Over Ford Country.

  1. i seldom see rainbows and not in the recent years. never double rainbow. looks very lovely! hah, i like how you titled this post…and i love your last sentence, lol.
    p.s. pls explain to me about the curve of the street in the last pic… 🙂

    1. It’s actually 2 images merged together in Photoshop. One of these days I’ll be able to afford a nice fisheye lens. 😉

      1. lool. but.. some cameras like my point and shoot have fisheye software, then why need a fisheye len? whats the difference?

      2. The built-in features in point & shoots can never compare to a quality lens. You should experiment with the fisheye option. I’d love to see the outcome.

      3. one thing i notice in fisheye in my p&s is its too twisted and i can not adjusted it. looking forward to your quality len 😛

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