Bludgeon Fest.

During Memorial Day weekend, Michigan’s small town of Erie held a Metal (music) Fest for the locals. The list mostly contained bands of the upper Midwest, mainly artists from Michigan and Ohio with a surprise appearance from LAs talented Bonded By Blood. Plenty of talent showcased their skull crushing jams. Some caught my attention, some did not (Metalcore/Deathcore do not suit my tastes). Being the passionate photographer that I am, I couldn’t just shoot the bands. Our surroundings were calling to me and my camera.

I was quite intrigued by the lone standing tree, so I snapped one!

As saturday night progressed into sunday morning, I was sitting in my car [as friends came and went], listening to some music, drinking beer, and figured I’d snap a shot. If I recall correctly, I just testing to see whether the AF on my lens was working as it should—lately, my nikon kit lens (18-55mm) hasn’t been focusing as it has in the past. Maybe she’s getting old…

I left the above image full size so you can notice the hundreds of cotton balls floating in the air. It was a bit annoying, really, yet beautiful in a sense.

I.C.M.C. were responsible for the show, and I thank them! I just wish more people would’ve shown up.

A gorgeous panoramic view from the campgrounds. Would be nice to live there, that’s for sure!

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