My new ride.

1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8L 351W. Power everything. Leather. 134,500 miles.

She may look decent in this photo but it really needs a thorough detail and a few mechanical repairs… a few months after writing this draft, I finally took it in to my friends detail shop and (by myself) made the beautiful beast look like new again. Being a California truck most its life the paint was faded to near death, but with my wizardry, and 8 hours of thorough, hard work (8 hours as in cleaning exterior and interior), she came alive. The Bronc probably looks better than it has in 15 years!




As the beauty sits in my garage awaiting rear axle rebuilding, transfer case gasket, rear main seal, new water pump, and quite possibly, a rebuild of the top half of the motor, I begin to question whether I should hold on to her or sell her. I’d love to throw a mechanics party but the bank account has other ideas. Maybe, I can trade her for a classic resto project (like a late 60’s Mustang or Chevelle …or, hell, any classic that appeals to me). We shall see…

2 thoughts on “Bronc.

  1. promise me to allow me to ride this beauty if i come one day. you are fantastic in refreshing cars.

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