Nona in Spring.

Yesterday I worked long and hard on the yard–mowing, sweeping out the garage, ripping up weeds and dandelions, turning over seasoned gravel for a fresh start to the spring, and, ultimately, summer. After a good 7 hours of manual labor and a healthy lawn, I documented the abuse my hands underwent following the work.

This little guy greeted me along with a friend after I uncovered some food (worms) for them.

Keep posted for a before, during, and after blog regarding the garden of mine that will be growing green beans, roma tomatoes, broccoli, spanish onions, and other fresh veggies… maybe a few berries as well.

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5 thoughts on “Nona in Spring.

  1. oh, 7 hours… i love the shots of your hand! looking forward to your garden, i mean about the harvest later šŸ˜€

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