Autorama 2012

Enjoy the few examples of Detroit’s second most popular auto show (first, of course, being the North American International Auto Show). Autorama is more my style because of the sheer craftsmanship and passion that goes into restoring these vehicles. Plus, you just can’t beat a classic!

6 thoughts on “Autorama 2012

  1. Great photos nick! The hotrod with 313 and “the D” on the door took is m fav car in there. Just with the rim color matched the letters. Was the coffee truck a moonshine runner?

  2. this is definitely better than the one i have gone to in Paris. and the one the boy sat in looks very cool!

    1. It’s a blast …especially for car guys/gals! Cobo is an enormous venue with 2 floors full of mostly American customs. The basement even had a Rockabilly band playing all day. So if you ever find yourself around Detroit in February, and enjoy checking out interesting auto designs/builds, don’t miss it!

      1. yep. the thing i love most about this one is “old classic style”.
        band is interesting. but putting them in the basement… more interesting.

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