Detroit House of Corrections: Silo.

For work, I do a whole lot of driving around southeast Michigan, racking up miles on the car. Yesterday, while traveling east bound on 5 Mile road in Plymouth Charter Township I passed a facility that seemingly had been closed for 3 decades. About 1/4 mile down the road I took notice of a timeworn structure so intriguing I busted a u-turn and pulled over on side of the road.

I had no clue as to what the structure was. After doing some internet research I found a few other photos on flickr, and after reading through the comments, I came to discover its title; a silo.

Considering I only had an old (but trusty) Kodak 4mp point & shoot, the quality doesn’t match that of my DSLR. Therefore, next time I’m in the area, or have time and gas money to head out there, I’ll have the D5000 at my side. Keep an eye out for a future post pertaining to the correctional facility and its silo.

6 thoughts on “Detroit House of Corrections: Silo.

    1. The colors aren’t accurate nor are they vibrant, so in photoshop I used curves and levels to achieve somewhat attractive desaturated images.

    1. Thanks, Fiona. I’ve always been intrigued by architecture, and photography has helped to “open my eyes” a little more; less oblivious. 🙂

  1. i see. hah, i just find that i seldom like b&w.
    my first serious dream in my life is to be an architect. i tried to make that happen when i took the entrance exam for university but i failed it since my scores were low for that. now it became a good memory. you definitely should go to Barcelona. i promise your eyes will be WIDELY opened!
    p.s. there are quite some interesting architectures in China too. if you are interested, i could post sth for you 🙂

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