Motown Winter Blast

The Blast debuted in 2005 to attract festival goers downtown for some winter fun! $1 donations were required at the gate but activities such as ice skating, as long as you brought your own skates, and live bands held no charge. Due to the frigid weather, warming stations and heated tents lined the perimeter at Campus Martius Park. The event is designed as a family event but crowds of all ages can enjoy what the Blast has to offer!

5 thoughts on “Motown Winter Blast

    1. hehe I do love summer myself but winter is so angelic. I lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for a while, which is nothing but small towns, long stretches of road, and forestry and water beds. It’s so serene and comfortable, nowhere I’ve been is anything like it. Summer is right around the corner, though! 🙂

      1. living around forestry sounds fanscinating, even it’s a small woods. i’ll probably experience it later. exchange feelings then 😉

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