DIY Glasses.

Last week while watching a movie I passed out, knowingly setting my [already beat up] glasses next to me on my double bed. It took me a day or two to notice that one of the arms was cracked, enough to snap when I tried soldering them. And since I couldn’t get the solder to create a strong enough bond, I had to devise another way to wear the frames. I contemplated. Then, contemplated some more.


I was looking around my desk and noticed a white cardboard envelope. So I unscrewed the other arm from the metal frames, cut out a cardboard frame, super glued the bridges, and used electrical tape to secure the bridge. I know what you’re thinking but the electrical tape really worked well and blends nicely because of its color.


They’re not the most solid of frames. Hell, it’s just cardboard! Yet, for a week or so, until I buy a new pair, these will make do. Plus, with a few strokes of a marker I put my own artistic touch to the DIY glasses frame. A friend of mine I was chatting with on AIM (yes, I still use AIM!) eloquently named them Cholas: The Winter Collection!Β I’ll stick with that. πŸ˜€

15 thoughts on “DIY Glasses.

  1. Ralph Lauren has nothing on you Nick. Armani? Pssshhh yesterdays fad. The Jones haven’t gotten their greedy fingers on these masterpieces yet.

    Now people there is only ONE place in the WORLD you can get “Cholas: winter collection” custom designed glasses from. And that place is right here at

    What will it cost you might ask? 40 easy payments of $49.99!!! You can’t even steal them for that cheap! The Cholas grounds are guarded by 2 hounds from hell which not even the sneakiest ninjas can’t allude.

    What a deal! And if you buy today we will throw in a cleaning cloth made from rare oriental silk moths. These moths were not forced to produce their silk. Our master Shaolin monks playfully tickle them to produce the lushest silk you have ever seen or felt.

    Order your Cholas Winter collection now while supplies last.

  2. you remind me of my dad, lool. when sth is broken, always try different ways to fix it, even “out of box” ways, although you are more much more creative than him..
    you know besides selling your DIY glasses, you could also sell this photo. last year we have angry bird, this year we could have angry Nick, lool.
    p.s. your friend’s AD sounds brilliant πŸ˜€

  3. by the way, let me know what kinda new glasses you will buy, cuz i’m thinking about buying a new pair too. maybe get some inspiration from yours πŸ˜‰

  4. Apparently, there are about 40 different styles by the same name, but these are those closest to what I could find.

  5. it looks like similar as your old ones. and also black. any intention to try sth different?
    p.s. how much?

    1. They’re more sleek than the older frames but kinda similar. As for something different, I’m not one to follow in trends, so the thick black/white frames aren’t me. πŸ˜‰ The Stetson’s cost about $55 US.

  6. oh, that’s a similar budget usually i have for my glasses.
    mmm, i was about to say i’m planning for a white new frame…

      1. i dont think it’s gonna be great, but definitely wierd πŸ˜‰
        i think you do. look at yourself in DIY πŸ˜€ i like that. “conservative style” does not represent you, nickkkk…

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