RIP Victoria

If you’ve been following my posts at all you’d know how passionate I am about domestic automobiles, Fords especially. Well, last Friday was a very dark day for me. The clock turned noon as I was headed home from a half day at work when suddenly, SMACK! I smashed the car I never thought I would’ve. The very car I never ever wanted to. The very car I’d grown attached to. The car I maintained better than just about any other 1995 Crown Victoria on the road; she was the most reliable, most powerful and most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. How did this extremely unfortunate event occur, you ask? Let’s just say I’m to blame.

Vicky was towed away tuesday night. Honestly, it was like having to let go that significant other that you familiarized yourself with, hoping the relationship would remain strong and go the distance. But life doesn’t stop for you or me so we have to get on with it. Find something new and work hard to make that last. So (Lord, I hope you’re listening), I hope and pray that that will be the last collision I am ever involved in.

RIP My sweet Vicky! 😦

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3 thoughts on “RIP Victoria

  1. i’m not passionate about automobiles but i have a passion to be carried by an automobile, lool.
    it’s really sorry to hear about your loss. yea, sth you feel connection with, you grow the fonder on with the time going, if it’s gone, you will feel emotionally hurt.
    dont blame yourself. maybe everything happen for a reason. maybe.. she wants to retire (!) or maybe Vicky is glad that you are fine by her protection..

    last Friday i got some really good news. but when reading this post, just some gut feeling that i might should not be that happy…
    anyway i wish you are all fine and take good care. your next car will be glad you are the one who’s driving but nobody else πŸ™‚

    1. Hey now, don’t let my misfortune get you down. The important thing here is that I’m alive and well. I will live to own another just like her.

      Thanks for the support, Fiona, I really appreciate it. You’re one of the good ones. πŸ˜‰

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