A Blog a Day (for a week): Day 4

Motorheads? Where? I can’t seem to find any guys or girls my age that share the same enthusiasm for American cars as I do. Forget these snobs who think German cars are just the greatest thing to ever touch the pavement or those nerds who lack auto knowledge running out to grab a Japanese car. Pshhh! Damn those silly imports! This is America, friend, now go help out the hard working blue collar boys and the white collar chiefs who run the Big 3.

My passion for the domestic automobile began when my older brother first pulled his ’88 Mustang GT 5.0 two-tone (blue/silver) hardtop in the driveway after the purchase. Man, was that car awesome! Too bad, a year or so later, he was cut off by Little Miss Daisy and smacked the tall median curb …then a tree. I guess her driver was off that day.

My fanaticism grew stronger in college when I heavily started watching Home Improvement. Tim Allen is sort of a hero to me. His love for Classics, Hot Rods, and American Muscle instilled in me a vision to one day (hopefully, in the very near future) build a car with my own two hands. Following the invigorated auto lust I started a subscription to not only Hot Rod Magazine but Car Craft as well. Easily my two favorite mags. Granted, I may need some drivetrain and electrical assistance but since I consider myself quite handy, and a quick learner, I’ll be performing all the work myself soon after.

So here’s my problem. Where are all the Motorheads in Michigan? Of course, there are plenty around the area. The problem is they’re all older. Guys my age these days are too concerned with gadgets and girls, both of which are fine, but that thing sitting in your driveway needs attention. I don’t care how new it is. Plus, most of these newer cars (especially the Asians—no offense) are so boring. Great gas mileage? Who cares. There’s no fun in fuel sippers. Give me a high-revving small block with body-on-frame RWD, an 8-inch, and some mad torque!

Anyway, I’m gonna have to find me a few auto clubs to join and also take some mechanics courses at the community college. Meet some younger guys like myself to build and have a few beers with. Seeing as this blog will only make the day by a few minutes, and the fact that I’m dead tired, I’ll have to begin my search for fellow Motorheads tomorrow. Night!

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