A Blog a Day (for a week): Day 2

Back in my youth, I was quite the skateboarder. Well, I could’ve been if I just put forth more effort. But I was decent. I loved the 180 flip! Shove-its were always fun, too. I hopped on the [old school] board at the age of 5, influenced by my older brother who had one of the coolest boards ever made: Chris Cook Alva. Man, what an awesome name! Once the new school boards received recognition for their lightweight with an addition of a tail that opened up a whole new style to skating, all the neighborhood kids had to have one—including me. In my teens, I ordered all my skateboarding gear, including shoes and clothes, through CCS, starting with a CCS blank. For those who don’t exactly know what “blank” entails, it’s a deck in a single solid color or, sometimes, in its original wood finish. My first blank was blue, which was tossed out to the curb by my friends mom. Note to self: never leave things at other people’s houses, especially when their parents don’t like the idea of doing something fun like skateboarding. Meh…

To briefly describe the skateboard designs above. They’re simple. They’re very simple. To me, they’re also a lot of fun. They bring me back to the adolescent carefree days hitting the pavement on two axles bolted to a slab of sticker-laden wood. That’s right, skateboarders tend to throw every cool sticker they can find on their board. It’s self expression, man. I guess I should mention that when I was young I always wanted a board that I designed. I had note books full of board mockups.

Two of them (Killer and Factory) were designed to be more artsy and somewhat exciting. The other two stem back to my days of blanks, even though they boast heavily textured images. Keep in mind these were simple, fun approaches to board designs. Never would I market these because I know I could create a much more interesting piece of work.

Hell, you may even find an article revolving around snowboard design in the near future. 😉

7 thoughts on “A Blog a Day (for a week): Day 2

    1. It’s a blast, Fiona. Every now and then I hop on a board to test my aging skills. It’s like riding a bike, once you learn some things just stick with you.

  1. My first blank was red, from ATM (shit board but good enough to learn)..then I moved on to REAL, with a nine layers board coz im too heavy! :/… who said fat?? But i should have definitely put as much effort in skate as i did in cycling!! arf…

    1. Ha! REAL made some good boards. I think in everyone’s eye there is something from the past they should’ve concentrated on more. But I guess that’s what the future is for.

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