A Blog a Day (for a week): Day 1

I often hear photographers doing a project based on ‘A Photo a Day’. I figured since, lately, I’ve had a few things to share with you I’d go on a weekly blog rampage. For a week straight I’ll be posting one blog each day.

Continuing from my last post regarding the revitalization in Detroit, I’ve taken some photos to pose as a before and after restoration of Detroit’s most notorious structure. Case in point: Michigan Central Depot—MCD for short. Who knows what the building will be used for in the future but all I (as well as plenty of locals) want is for Manuel Moroun, the owner, to fix the sucker up! I’m sure to many, or even most, the defunct station is considered an eyesore. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful structures in the world. The MCD is to me what the Parthenon is to ancient Athens. Whenever I visit the building I’m warmed with comfort and a sense of history. I can feel the vibrance that is now long lost. I can imagine the 100s to 1000s of people hustling through the crowd to catch the train. The rich history is the very reason my love for Detroit is so deep. It’s also why I love older small towns—I did live in the U.P. for 5 years!

Seemingly, the renovation is on its way. A week ago the local news stations were discussing the matter. Moroun claims he will turn the building around completely. Once the clean up stage is complete, all new windows will be installed. The exterior is the easy part. In the photos you can just imagine what a painstaking task it will be to rebuild the massive columns and the decorative motifs lining the interior. The motifs on the exterior remain intact for the most part.

I posted the image of the dumpster as kind of a metaphor for the revitalization. Rarely, do I see full dumpster on the side of the street in the city. This is a good sign!

As long as I reside in and around Michigan I’ll be following up on the MCD project. I promise to keep you all informed, even if it may take a half decade or so.

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