Old Tigers Diamond

Ever since they tore down the foundation of the old Tigers Stadium, the diamond has, for the most part, gone unused and ignored. There’s a perfectly good field that needs to be played on [legally]. Folks have unlawfully entered the grounds to play some ball. Others have broken in to clean up the lot. We shouldn’t have to break in to the field to throw the ball around or keep the lawn looking nice. It’s complete bullshit! Let the game continue.

Apparently, the city of Detroit is not willing to work with Tiger Stadium Conservancy. GMs $3.8M offer to convert the field for a youth league was turned down on the notion that this “would discourage potential developers.” An action that may cause an adverse reaction on Corktown’s community. “The site’s been so much to so many for over 100 years, so to think that there isn’t a community here already even without having a park is pretty preposterous,” says Joe Rashid, a local community activist and member of the Navin Field Grounds Crew (an unofficial name for the cleanup crew). “There’s definitely a community here. People sneak under the fence to play ball. They get in whatever way they can, because of what the site means to them. And I think that’s why they’ll always have development issues at the site.”

There’s a term roaming the metro area, possibly the nation …or even the world, but the city must be open and willing to work with ideas and traditions. That term is ‘revitalization’. Detroit has 90,000 vacant lots. Granted, most of these lots lie in residential areas, but you can’t tell me that investors or potential developers are void of finding other land. I believe with a quality public ballpark, the land at Trumbull and Michigan Avenue would attract plenty more people. More people means more business. More business propels the revitalization. It’s that simple!

7 thoughts on “Old Tigers Diamond

  1. maybe i’m lack of sth background so i can not fully understand your post. but it’s kinda remind me of a movie “Erin Brockovich”. take care, friend 🙂

      1. I’m not sure. I thought you were talking about the movie. I have extremely little knowledge about the woman.

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