Holga Fisheye Experiment.

After planning a 5-day trip to Arizona with my brother to see some good friends I purchased the Holga Kitchen Sink DSLR Kit. Luckily, the order arrived on my doorstep the day before I left. Granted, the kit is very inexpensive and the lenses are made of plastic, but I was anticipating at least a wider aperture (f/8). Therefore, capturing even somewhat clear images in low light without a tripod is damn near impossible. Because of the low aperture setting, I basically shot everything outdoors. Imagery captured through the Holga lenses produce a kind of surrealistic vibe; vignettes, slight blur, lens flare, etc. It goes without saying these lenses do not create sharp imagery so I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone in search of high quality photography. Yet, I would recommend them for the sake of fun and experimentation.

During my expedition throughout part of the Sonoran Desert we landed in Phoenix for a day of 2-foot dogs (The Big Unit from Alice Cooperstown) and a case of beer followed by a night out with some old friends in Northern Phoenix. As for the video above, I hadn’t started shooting until we stopped in Prescott, where a close friend of ours lives. I did indeed include a few shots near his house, but what the video focuses on is something reminiscent of a junkyard improperly titled “Ghost Town” 30 miles northeast of Prescott in Jerome, a quaint little mountain town. Apparently, Jerome is quite the tourist trap. I just don’t think too many people have entered the junkyard. Along the desolate dirt road (“Where the West begins”), it almost feels as if you’re entering an opening scene in a horror flick. I would describe it but I don’t want to spoil it for those who wish to visit someday. It is a little freaky though…

As a fan of classic Americana, this place was like Heaven to me. My brother thought differently. I could’ve stayed there a full day taking photographs, shooting video, and thoroughly scoping all the classic cars and trucks. I just wish I would’ve shot more with my Nikon kit lens, or the 85mm, to obtain some sharper images.

Even though Jerome is a seemingly short distance from Prescott, those 30 miles felt like an eternity. 10 miles of winding mountain roads can take up to a half hour because one is usually traveling at an average of 20 mph, maybe even a little slower. Prior to visiting Ghost Town, we ate some delicious hamburgers at the reasonably priced Mile High Grill. I would’ve like to wash down that tasty burger with a beer but I wasn’t feeling too hot so instead I ordered some tea.

It began to rain while meandering about Ghost Town so we decided to head out and meet up with friends back in Prescott, then to our hotel in Phoenix before our flight in the early a.m. Wrapping up our vacation, and my video footage, the last clips were taken before and during our flight back to Michigan.

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