The Beatles: Overrated or Simply Great?

This has come up in conversation many a time between myself and others. I never thought too highly of the British quartet (or the British Invasion, for that matter).

Many folks think that The Beatles are the greatest thing to ever embrace music. Yeah, I guess if you like pop music. Me? I despise 99.5% of pop (teenager) music. It sucks! Plain and simple. Now, I believe The Beatles deserve respect because they were talented, yet before they started dipping heavily into hallucinogens, they sang some awfully cheesy and slap happy songs with a childish perception to life. Just about every pop song consists of this shameful lyricality. I understand that most don’t want to hear about pain and heartache and depression. Nor, do they want to hear about abusing booze as a temporary remedy. I do like to listen to lyrics about this kind of stuff, though, because it’s real. It’s life and I think the truest writing comes from the darkened spirit.

I do love me some feel good stuff, though. Classic Rock (mainly Bob Seger, Bad Company, The Nuge, and Rush to name a few). Eminem, Kid Rock and his pal Uncle Kracker have been on my top listening chart for the past few weeks now. Sure, it’s quite mainstream and the Kid ain’t the greatest lyricist but he has many good things to say (aside from the older dirty material, which I don’t particularly care for). He also fully supports Michigan [as many of his videos are shot in the mitt!]. I have a tendency to listen to Detroit music when I’m outside of my hometown. It helps with the Motor City void. πŸ™‚

To wrap this up quickly…

The Beatles are the most overrated band of all time. Fact.

10 thoughts on “The Beatles: Overrated or Simply Great?

  1. I don’t like pop music either…but The Beatles are legend. They were / are rock ‘n roll pioneers.
    I agree completely that their late-era music is by far their best. I also feel that John Lennon was the most talented of the four.

    I don’t listen to their music often but I do have a few of their songs on my I-pod.

    Besides, my favorites musicians (KISS and Ozzy Osbourne (and many others)) are big Beatles fans.

      1. I have to disagree. His last two albums are incredibly bland. “Let me hear you scream” …? Com’on! In my opinion, the man is burnt out, has been for years.

      2. >His last two albums are incredibly bland.

        Black Rain” and “Scream” have songs such as “Nightmare”, “The Almighty Dollar”, “Countdown’s Begun”, “Let It Die”, “Latimer’s Mercy”, and “Diggin’ Me Down”…excellent all!

        But I love all of Ozzy’s music…Sabbath and solo!

      3. Ya know, I did like “The Almighty Dollar” but it was the only song I could stand on Black Rain. I actually bought the album to get Ozzfest tickets. πŸ˜€ Don’t get me wrong, his band usually rocks, I just can’t get into his later writings or the voice, really.

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