Dreams, what are they good for?

I had one of the most peculiar dreams of all remembrance last night. I dreamt that I had found a decent woman who shares my extreme desire for love and its making, or so I did believe. We made love once. With that love making came a baby girl. Yet, the fact that dreams happen so quickly, there was no recollection of child birth nor the implication of pregnancy. It just happened. We made beautiful, peaceful love and what came of it was a child, which my woman had taken away from me. Poof! Just like that she was gone.

Closely following this unfortunate event, my beloved car was being towed to …Washington? Although I’m currently living in Chicago, the dream took place somewhere in Michigan, so you know this was a hike to recover that car—a ’95 Crown Vic. Great car! 4.6L long block; 3.53 rear end; the last production body-on-frame car; plush seats… uh, anyway, I was hanging out at some strange warehouse/night club; something reminiscent to Funk Night in Detroit but there was no music, just people standing around. I remember fighting through crowds searching for the car, which I had parked on an incline with about 8-10 inches of clearance between cars. Not even enough room to get in/out of. I started running, panting, freaking out—Where was my baby? (the car, I mean). I thought it was stolen. I forget how I found out that a tow truck picked ‘er up, but I’m pretty sure someone had told me.

A collage of imagery reflecting the dream.

Anyway, I took the trip to get my car because nothing will stand in the way of my Vic and me, especially in a dream! Yet, while I was on my way home, I was accompanied by two friends, Franco and Mikey (yeah, I’ve been watching too much Rescue Me!). These guys were ripping through yards and hitting ditches on 4×4’s! For some peculiar reason, I was on foot. Where was the car? I stopped thinking about the Vic for a second. All I could think about was my lady and how she’d taken my child from me.

I arrived at the homestead, began to rest, and started to scream in anger, “MY GODDAM WOMAN LEFT ME! SHE TOOK MY CHILD!” I was furious! It was just then that I heard a shrill cry through the woods. I ran towards the fire, and found my child and my woman standing alone, comfortably next to a bonfire. My lady said to me, “I would never leave you.” This was hard for me to believe as in the dream she had left me once before. Right when I heard those words and was about to walk up to her and tell how much I love her and kiss her so deeply she’d never desire another, I woke up…

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