Time Lapse.

During my week-long trip back home to Detroit, a friend and I set out on the town photographing and shooting video of downtown and Corktown (Detroit’s historic vicinity). Corktown’s a lot of fun! It’s a little beat up but some entrepreneurs have started creating opportunities to open a few shops and restaurants, helping with the rebuild of the community. One of the areas largest [dilapidating] attractions is the Michigan Central Depot, a defunct train station that lies right off Michigan Ave. The MDC, as I like to call it, could be the world’s most magnificent depot (and, at a time, actually was). All it needs is a major revamp, in which the owner—whom also owns the Ambassador Bridge (the bridge that links Detroit with Windsor, Ontario)—has made some claims to throw some money into it, hoping to grab the attention of others who may like to pitch in on the renovation process. The building is off limits to civilians so getting inside to take photos/video is a pain in the arse! Yet, many have successfully breached the compound. I have not.

Anyway, my buddy and I were scoping the landscape surrounding the building, searching for interesting photographic angles and other interesting miscellaneous items. My friend found a shoe. I was focused on other things—the railway, the building, ways to get inside, etc. He suggested I get a long exposure of the rapidly moving clouds. So I did …in video. If you haven’t been following my blog, I shoot with a Nikon D5000, mainly utilizing its 720p HD video capability. Not the greatest camera for video but it can do some pretty awesome things. A downfall is that the video clips max out at 5 minutes. So I shot the building and sky for 5 whole minutes as the clouds flew by. Although, at 4000% it doesn’t make for much video, but this was just an exercise, anyway.

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