Viva Chicago.

About a month ago I took the chance on relocating from the suburban estate of my parents home in Michigan to big-time Chicago. I wasn’t ready. Yes, I had established a decent sized bank account, took care of a few vehicular maintenance necessities, and purchased a Mac Mini for all my digital and work related needs. Still, I wasn’t ready. Nor did I take into account all the monetary stipulations for living in such an expensive area.

Upon arriving I was welcomed to Illinois with, not one, but two parking tickets all within six hours of each other; both pertaining to the same violation given in the wee hours of the morning (2:51 and 8:42 am). I began to dislike Illinois immediately.

For my work I was told over the phone that I could be performing the job from home, which is why I went with the Mac Mini (inexpensive and somewhat portable). Although I have begun to work from my apartment, I’m still forced to pack up my computer, lug the monitor, keyboard, and mouse thirty minutes to and from work. Needless to say, this becomes incredibly mundane and frustrating, but it’s what I have to do to make money and survive in this monstrosity of a town. Sure I could blow more money that I may desperately need on a new or even used Macbook (I was instructed not to buy pc, bummer!), but this is not what was to be the expected notion. So much for expecting, eh?! Yet, if things turn around here and I can begin to stimulate that once attractive bank statement then I will head out to the Apple store or craigslist and pick me up a lappytappy.

Now, being from my beloved city of Detroit and the gorgeous state of Michigan I can’t help but feel bitter bound by these societal walls: the local sports and radio stations, newspapers, and music venues. I miss watching the Red Wings. I miss hearing Seger on WCSX. I miss reading about what’s happening around the metro area. Oh Lord, why did I move here?

Now, where there’s a con there must be a pro. Right? Right. Chicago is one sprawling town and unlike Detroit it’s easy to get around by train (I wish Detroit had an expansive railway system). And because it is a city there’s always something going on, even in the colder months and the darker nights. Once I start making some decent cash I’ll be able to actually experience the hype, whether I like it or not. One thing I can tell you is it’s a lot of fun drinking a bottle of Champagne under the Wabash bridge! (I had some fun on my birthday last weekend.) 😉

Also unlike Detroit, Chicago seemingly has more opportunities for a person in my profession–digital video production. Yet, what’s funny is that two days after I moved in to my studio apartment here in the Chi, I received a phone call from a well-rounded small design firm [based out of Royal Oak] in need of a freelance video editor. Man, was I pissed! Well, not so much p-o’d, just a little tense considering my impeccable timing. I’m sure my ex’s can back me up on this one. Eh, Ladies?

As long as I keep my mind focused on the big picture, maintaining direct attention to work and creating opportunities, I’ll be just fine. Granted, I’ve made peanuts over the course of the last month while spending like a fiend to nourish myself, but I now have settled in at my new place and my new position and have been able to knock out these video edits quite quickly. Completing one a week will definitely keep me afloat with a little extra spending cash. Hello new Macbook Pro! As for enjoying Chicago I am sure that once I become comfortable here and understand what it’s about, getting around, and familiarizing myself with the hundreds of eateries (I need some Chitown Polish food!), I’ll begin to realize it’s awesomeness. And if I don’t, so be it…

Michigan is my home, I love it! After my time in places such as these—and by these I mean outside of MI—I will return to live the rest of my life in and around the Mitt. I may head out to the Sonoran desert following my stay in Illinois, whenever that may be but my goal is land back in the Great Lake State. Preferably, just outside of Ann Arbor. A drifting dream of mine is to get up on one of those beautiful Harley’s and cruise the wide open American roads. Oh, it will happen! Yes, it will.

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