Walk. Smoke. Run.

Here is a video based on spontaneity. Well, I did have a very broad idea of a simple, experimental video practicing with Canon’s 7D & 5D and some quality lenses. Also being used to shoot was my Nikon D5000 equipped with a Rokinon 85mm 1.4 MF, accompanied by an inexpensive, yet sturdy shoulder rig (as seen at 0:52). With the help of a few friends—whom, might I add, never used the incredible HD video the cameras offer (ridiculous!). We found an isolated area just outside of Marquette and shot for about an hour with zero interruptions. There is no significant story to the video other than we were just trying enjoy ourselves while I tried to act military tough for the screen! Too bad I didn’t have the full outfit, but I do now. 🙂  Although, upon editing and completion, and watching the end result a few times, the atmosphere tends to blend well with the character; desolate and cold, yet beautiful and comfortable in its (his) rough-shelled disposition.

I wanted to execute slow-motion well with the Canons but did not succeed. I’ve seen these cameras perform extremely well in slow-mo, yet the guys weren’t all too educated on the video capabilities. I wasn’t expecting anything ground-breaking here, just expanding knowledge of composition, various cameras/lenses, and color correction (I edited the short in FCP with Magic Bullet Looks, by the way; a plugin I recently began using). Someday, I’ll sit down and thoughtfully devise a story in which the character has a tighter connection with the audience/camera, or maybe even another character. I’m hoping to create a name for myself in the world of digital shorts!

Below lie a few screenshots I found to be quite intriguing; sharp (for the most part) and well controlled depth of field. The first image has been photoshopped while the rest were manipulated in FCP with Magic Bullet Looks.

Equipment: Nikon D5000 w/Rokinon 85mm. Canon 5D w/24-70mm. Canon 7D w/70-200mm L, CowboyStudio Shoulder Rig.

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