Find me on Coroflot!

If it wasn’t for a good friend of mine, pushing me to follow through with this, I would’ve probably never created an account with Coroflot (…I just wish I knew how to properly pronounce this). I’m hoping this will create some opportunities for myself in the near future. I’ve been trying to get my foot in the digital media door ever since I graduated from Northern Michigan University, an institution that bears too little recognition—They have a well-rounded Art & Design staff who are there for each student, rewarding those who put forth great effort. I believe the A&D dept. can hang with any of its kind stateside, if not the world! After all, the faculty is derived of artists and the like from all across the country.

This department has given me the education and expertise to take on the world! And I’m ready for it …almost. 🙂

post script – You’ll find some additional work of mine here! Click here or on the image above.

2 thoughts on “Find me on Coroflot!

  1. Did you find out how to pronounce Coroflot? I want to know too. Just did a google search and it brought me here. But then I watched your Motor Muster video. Cool.

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