Terms Overused.

Lately, I’ve been hearing quite a few words that far too many people tend to use superfluously. It gets annoying…

The “F” word = Yes, the vulgar curse word. Whenever I hear a person use this word (that has become as popular a term as “yes” or “no”) more than once in a short sentence, I can’t help but think how incredibly moronic they sound. Is your english so awful, not to mention the mind so small, that you feel the need to replace the word with something that could’ve been used to convey a topic more sensibly? This seems to be part of our societal problems. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m in an angered state of mind, I use the word more often than I hope to; this is something I’m trying hard to reverse. Daily, I’m surrounded by people, young and old, who use the term frequently. Needless to say, it’s become upsetting that the “F” word has to be such a significant part of our vocabulary.

Shit = This word is often used before/after/along with the aforementioned term. Again, overused by the small minded.

Bro = A term designed for drunken, idiotic frat boys who have to abbreviate words too difficult to thoroughly pronounce. This bothers me when someone who isn’t, at all, close to me, or related, calls me “bro”. I’m not your bro, bro! Along with a thousand other abbreviated words, such as “delish”, “chillaxin'”, “tix”, and “plej” (as in “pleasure”), this abbreviated path some belong to will begin speaking in text; instead of saying “talk to you later”, we’ll be saying, “ttyl”. Get it? Good!

Dawg = Unless you’re joking, just quit using this ludicrous term directed toward another human. I’m not a k-nine! Don’t mistake me for one. 🙂

Fag/Gay = Everything to everyone (everyone, as every dumbass–often males) these days is gay. Every guy is a fag. What the hell does this mean?! Being called a fag isn’t even insulting. If you called me an imbecile, then I’d be a little upset. Well, only if you know how to spell it.

Dude = Along with The “F” word and Shit, “dude” is another term thrown into the mix. Usually a statement would open with, “Dude, this [The “F” word] shit is so tits, bro!” Which brings me to my next point…

Tits = What is wrong with guys who say “tits”?! We’re not even talking about breasts, here. Where the hell did this slang come from anyway?

Buddy = I’m not your buddy, guy! Seriously, why are you calling me buddy when we’ve never even met prior to this occasion? Strange.

I can’t stress enough the butchering of our beloved English language. Hopefully this article will help those who come across it, begin to look toward the language in its entirety to help express themselves more sensibly and thoroughly. Now, I can’t sit here and be totally hypocritical when I, sometimes, fall victim to using such atrocious vocabulary. I just keep reminding myself how pathetic it sounds, and to put forth the effort in speaking articulately.

4 thoughts on “Terms Overused.

    1. Wouldn’t -sucker be replaced with -sucka?! 😉

      Honestly, I don’t like to use the term “tits” when referencing breasts either. ‘Boobs’ is a little more mature. Plus, it just sounds better.

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