Hello, Armed Forces!

Recently I’ve acquired the itch to become military trained, so I went ahead and began searching for a position that would be a solid fit for me in the U.S. armed forces. Thus far, I’ve been delving into the life of a National Guard Soldier. After meeting with a recruiter a couple times, taking the ASVAB exam (I did quite well, by the way :)), and conversing with friends and others in the military, I’m now sitting on a lengthy debate of whether to go through with this or not. The first thing I ask myself is, “Do I truly want to do this?” More times than none the answer is Yes. For a college graduate, like myself, the military offers plenty of incentives for enlistment; medical benefits, a decent sized paycheck, officer training (which would make me a Second Lieutenant if I so desire).

Often, those who are close to me comment on the fact that I very well may be deployed to the Middle East. This doesn’t scare me (just yet). Yes, I’m aware of the troubles that lie in that region for a U.S. soldier, but not always is warfare engaged. Granted, I could lose my life serving my country, but what makes my life so much more significant that any other human? There are American soldiers in wartime as we speak and they risk their lives for us while we bask in the comfort of our own homes. These brave men and women I have great respect for!

Life in the military is not all war and death. If I was to be deployed, hell, I could be stationed in Italy or Japan or Germany or even somewhere within our very own beloved country. Ever since my teenage years I’ve felt the desire to travel, and the Guard may just be the perfect opportunity. I’ve also looked into the Peace Corps. Although this would be a “safer” alternative, the benefits are not nearly as close to those of the armed forces.

My next step is to become more understanding of the duties and responsibilities of an Air Force soldier, which seems to be even more interesting at this point. I care for my country and the people within it, and serving this nation would supply me with great pride! …not to mention the knowledge of survival and combat training.

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