The Henry Ford Experience

Motor Muster 2010

The last time I entered Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI, I was probably 10 years old. My memory hadn’t served me correctly, or maybe it was the $60M revamp the historic community had undergone. Granted, the distance in age and attendance had taken its toll, but it seemed like a completely new experience. Motor Muster was the name of the event being held at the Ford grounds, yet the classic cars were just a minuscule portion of the adventure. Before I go on, may I say that being at Greenfield Village (by myself) made me feel unbelievably peaceful; covering nearly one square mile, you get to experience life as it was in the good old days (I’m assuming from the style of architecture and lack of contemporary technology, the 1900s-early 40s). One moment you can be quietly overlooking a gorgeous garden reminding yourself of the back-breaking work farmers have gone through, the next you could be enveloped by people reenacting a World War II encampment, and again be watching a historic baseball game …reminiscent of the film Field of Dreams!

My initial intent was to attend the festival and just take photographs of the cars, the village, the people drooling over the cars, more cars, and whatever else I found interesting. Yes, I did that …and more. I tend to forget sometimes that my Nikon DSLR also captures HD video. Now, when I remember this, it’s usually during an event without preparation. Anyway, I became obsessed with capturing footage of the hundreds of things going on. I recorded nearly every square inch of the place, but with this being too redundant for a short video project emphasizing simple occurrences, most of the footage was discarded. With the video files in hand, I went back to my desk, pondering which shots would be used and how to use them, I began throwing clips together, experimenting with what I had acquired. I have finished two short pieces (one of which is posted online), and still working on the third, which is focused on the main theme–Motor Muster! Due to the rolling shutter of the DSLR and Nikon’s low 24fps, and the non-use of a tripod, the clips are not all too stable. You will notice that some of the quicker shots seem choppy. Well, that’s because they are.

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