2010 Frozen Four

Wisconsin Badgers – Boston College Eagles. Ford Field. Detroit, Michigan. April 10, 2010.

My dad, my brother, two friends, and myself attended the final game of the 2010 Frozen Four NCAA Hockey game on Saturday night. To me, hockey is the greatest game in all of the world. Why? How often is a game so fast paced, aggressive, truly team oriented, intriguing, and such fun to watch?! Being from Metro Detroit it’s no wonder Michigan is huge into hockey. I mean… no other team has been so dominant the past two decades than the Red Wings! 11 Stanley Cups; 19 consecutive playoff appearances (the most out of any sport); original six team; the list goes on for days! The reason the game was held at Ford Field instead of Joe Louis was part of an experiment; how many people would attend if the stadium was larger? A record-breaking 37,592 people came to watch college hockey’s two best teams.

2010 Frozen Four

Unfortunately, no Michigan team made it to the Frozen Four this year. Yet, don’t be discouraged Michigan fanatics, we hold 9 more trophies than any other state in NCAA Hockey.

The outcome of the final game left me disappointed as I was rooting for the Big Ten Wisconsin team, who was shut out 5-0. They were also the favored team, which left me even more disappointed. Oh well… we had a good time hanging out in beautiful downtown Detroit! Next year, the NCAA championship will be held in Minnesota, as us Michiganders hope to see one of our teams go all the way!

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